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intro shinee

i'll intro bout shinee..most i love member in shineee

that super junior....

evil magnae ke ke ke...

Real Name:
조규현 Cho Kyuhyun
Stage Name:
규현 Kyuhyun
Chinese Name:
奎賢 Kui Xian
Date of Birth: February 3, 1988
Height: 180 cm
Casting: Chin Chin Singing Competition, 3rd place
First Appearance: “New Single Jacket Photoshoot” – news on television.
Trivia Fact: Kyuhyun was added to Super Junior right before their 200th day Anniversary. On June 15, 2006 a few Super Junior members were SS501 Youngstreet guests and said that Kyuhyun cooks tasteless ramen. Kyuhyun is very smart and he is currently majoring in Music in college.
Reasons to Love Him: THIS BOY HAS THE VOICE OF A GOD. Seriously, his voice is deep and low and beautiful. Other than that, his online replies to fans are hilarious – when people mock him, Kyuhyun always replies with some witty remark that make you speechless ^^ He was involved in a car accident with Eeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk on April 19, 2007; out of all of them, he was hurt the most and was discharged on July 5 of the same year. He was still recovering when Super Junior released their second album but he worked (and always works) very hard for the band.

snow white kibum

Real Name:
김기범 Kim Kibum
Stage Name:
기범 Kibum
Chinese Name:
基范 Qi Fan
Date of Birth: August 21, 1987
Height: 177 cm
Hobbies: practicing singing, practicing facial expressions
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2002
First Appearance: April 2004, KBS “April Kiss” TV Series
Member Since: the beginning.
Trivia Fact: Nicknamed “Snow White” by Kim Heechul. He used to live with Heechul and Han Geng in a separate dorm from the other members.
Reasons to Love Him: Besides his smile, I can’t really think of much. Personally, I think he is a bit lacking in the singing department, and he was left out of a majority of songs in the second album, possibly because of his busy schedule with dramas. Kibum is not very active on shows either, usually just sit quietly by himself.

eternal magnae

Real Name:
김려욱 Kim Ryeowook
Stage Name:
려욱 Ryeowook
Chinese Name:
麗旭 Li Xu
Date of Birth: June 21, 1987
Height: 173 cm
Hobbies: singing, composing music
Casting: CMB Youth ChinChin Festival Popular Reward 2004
First Appearance: June 2004, MBC “Starry Night” Contest 1st Place
Trivia Fact: Ryeowook was the last member to join Super Junior and replaced a former member, he wasn’t trained for long. He was a member of S.E.S. 5th Official Fanclub. On February 2006 Ryeowook lost a shoe on stage while performing but he did not panic, he merely waited for the right time to pick it up. Very professional. Ryeowook loves ice cream and free make-up samples (wtf…).
Reasons to Love Him: Ryeowook is the biggest nerd. He reminds me of an alien ^.^ Ryeowook has a gorgeous voice, too. He doesn’t get much screentime since he doesn’t do much other than singing, but he is an adorable character.

the living world of art

Real Name:
최시원 Choi Siwon
Stage Name:
시원 Siwon (official) | Shiwon (unofficial)
Chinese Name:
始源 Shi Yuan
Date of Birth: February 10, 1987 | Real: April 7, 1986
Height: 183 cm
Hobbies: singing, dancing, watching movies, Taekwondo, Chinese (language), playing drums
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2003
First Appearance: October 2003, DANA MV “WHAT IS LOVE”
Trivia Fact: Often refered to as the horse, due to his long limbs. Nicknamed “Simba” by Kim Heechul. Siwon learnt Chinese to act in a drama; he talks to Han Geng in Chinese, whereas the latter replies in Korean to practice their skills.
Reasons to Love Him: Siwon is a very devoted Christian and constantly tries to convert Heechul. He is the nicest person in SJ, never making fun or embarrassing anyone else. He is known for his dimples when he smiles (my friend faints every time she sees it). Siwon has exaggerated hand emotions, and he tends to touch people a LOT. I’m not a huge fan of Siwon, but he is definitely a gentleman (he was voted #1 most marriageable celebrities by mothers)

fishy donghae

Real Name:
이동해 Lee Donghae
Stage Name:
동해 Donghae
Chinese Name:
東海 Dong Hai
Date of Birth: October 15, 1986
Height: 175 cm
Hobbies: dancing, sport, singing, watching movies
Casting: 3rd SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place, Wholeness Compensation 2001
First Appearance: November 2005, SBS “Shin DongYop’s There Is There Isn’t” panel
Member Since: the beginning.
Trivia Fact: Nicknamed “Pinocchio” by Kim Heechul. He loves Christmas. He comes from the same hometown (JunNam) as Yunho of DBSK and the two are very good friends. One of his nicknames is
동해바다 Donghae Bada (Bada means Sea). He wants to get married at the age of 32. Donghae is scared of ghosts.
Reasons to Love Him: Donghae LOVES to touch people, well, at least the members. In general, he is like a little boy. Kyuhyun said that Donghae is five-year-old. He is good friends with Eunhyuk – he constantly tease and abuse Eunhyuk and Hyuk just takes it, making Donghae does it even more. Donghae is a very good dancer, second only to Eunhyuk.

my dancing machine

Real Name:
이혁재 Lee Hyukjae
Stage Name:
은혁 Eunhyuk
Chinese Name:
恩赫 En He
Date of Birth: April 4, 1986
Height: 174 cm
Hobbies: dancing (modern jazz), sport, listening to music
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
First Appearance: 2000 Goyangsi Youth Dance Business Contest Gold Statue
Trivia Fact: Eunhyuk’s full real name is also the name of a famous Korean comedian, therefore SM Entertainment thought it would be best for him to have a stage name. Eunhyuk is close friends with Kim Junsu (Xiah) of DBSK. Said to be dirtiest member of the group (as in ‘not clean’). Had several “porn” scandals ^^
Reasons to Love Him: This can get me go on forever. Eunhyuk is definitely one of my favorites in Super Junior (I laugh every time I hear his name, lol). Eunhyuk is extremely talented in rapping and dancing – not joking, he is the best rapper and dancer in SJ. He is probably the member most made fun of, mostly because he is very gullible. He is abused constantly, and the response is always a big silly smile. Eunhyuk refers to himself as Jewel Handsome Guy, and when he smiles, his gum shows entirely. In Episode 8 of Explorers of the Human Body, the group’s mission is to collect natural tears out of sadness. Eunhyuk and Ryeowook were tricked by the group and cried because of a fake drama of breakup. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Friday, July 15, 2011

ultimate sweetness sungmin

Real Name:
이성민 Lee Sungmin
Stage Name:
성민 Sungmin
Chinese Name:
成敏 Cheng Min
Date of Birth: January 1, 1986
Height: 175 cm
Hobbies: Chinese martial arts, watching movies, playing musical instruments
Casting: 1st SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place 2001
First Appearance: August 2005, MBC “Sea of sisters”
Trivia Fact: He is very precise when cooking. Despite Sungmin’s natural love for
단호박 danhobak (sweet pumpkin), he is often linked to pumpkins because of a line he had to recite in MBC Drama “Sea of sisters”. Appointed to be the member who would definitely get caught while two-timing his girlfriend. Sungmin can do nunchucks (I have no idea what that is…).
Reasons to Love Him: Sungmin loves, as in LOVES, pink things. His entire closet is 90% pink; his cellphone is pink; his pens are pink. It’s kind of sickening ^^ He’s very vain and manipulative about his cute image. But don’t be fooled by the cute innocent image, Sungmin knows martial art and plays guitar. He is one of the better singers, although all my friends think his voice is kind of homosexual sounding (which is it, but it’s good nevertheless).

cutie pie shindong

Real Name: 신동희 Shin Donghee
Stage Name:
신동 Shindong
Chinese Name:
申東 Shen Dong
Date of Birth: September 28, 1985
Height: 178 cm
Hobbies: watching comic movies, gag, dancing
Casting: 9th SM Youth Best Selection Best Comedian 1st place, Wholeness Compensation 2005
First Appearance: July 2002, Goyangsi Yout Dance Part Daesang/Compensation
Trivia Fact: Confessed that he cheated on his girlfriend. Out of all the Super Junior members, he had his first kiss first. Said to be second dirtiest member of the group (as in ‘not clean’); in one of Super Junior’s shower competitions he took only 27 seconds, breaking Shiwon’s record of 30 seconds.
Reasons to Love Him: Everyone judges looks, so the first reaction is always WHY IS THERE A FAT GUY?! But once you look past his body size, Shindong is the cutest thing ever. Shindong does the best (in the whole wide world) comedy dances (if you don’t believe, go youtube Super Junior – Miracle Performance and watch his solo dance in the middle, it’ll make you literally ROFL). Shindong is like a human-size teddy bear who has an adorable friendship with Sungmin (Sungmin makes him food, and they hang out all the time). He is also talented at dancing, and he took a big part in Don’t Don’s choreography and member arrangement. Shindong is someone who will shine everywhere, with or without SJ.

kangin the #1 handsome guy

Real Name:
김영운 Kim Youngwoon
Stage Name:
강인 Kangin
Chinese Name:
強仁 Qiang Ren
Date of Birth: January 17, 1985
Height: 180 cm
Hobbies: watching movies, singing, sport (martial arts), swimming
Casting: 4th SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place 2002
First Appearance: May 2002, SBS “A Man And A Woman”
Trivia Fact: Said to be the scariest member of Super Junior. Was voted 10th most marriable guy in Korea by mothers (why? they said it’s because of his capacity to keep house, is able to do the chores)
Reasons to Love Him: I have never seen Kangin completely serious about anything. My friend refers to him as “small head boy,” since his head is comparably smaller than the rest of his body. Kangin seems to have the mental status of a 10 year-old boy. He thinks of himself as Korea’s #1 handsome guy. Once on Star Golden Bell, he said that every morning he looks into the mirror and sees his handsome face and has to call home to thank him mother (=_=;;;). However, below the playful exterior, Kangin is a sweet and caring individual. If we can refer to Leeteuk as the mother of SJ, then Kangin is the father. He never denies responsibility and always care for the other members. And just look at him…isn’t he sexy? He’s NOT stick skinny like the rest of them (except Shindong, of course), and is just really…really…hot.

the bubble boy yesung

Real Name:
김종운 Kim Jongwoon
Stage Name:
예성 Yesung
Chinese Name:
艺声 Yi Sheng
Date of Birth: August 24, 1984
Height: 178 cm
Hobbies: singing, listening to music, sport, reading, watching movies
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2001
First Appearance: November 1999, Chunan Gayoje Gold Statue
Trivia Fact: Yesung is Catholic and can’t even drink one bottle of alcohol.
Reasons to Love Him: While having the biggest head and smallest hands (lol) in the group, Yesung is one of the best vocals. Until recently, not many people knew about him because he didn’t go on shows as much as the other members (*cough HEECHUL cough*) did. Yesung is an unforgettable character whose every word will make you laugh. He tends to hug the other members after embarrassing himself in shows. Yesung refuses to wear revealing clothing because of his Jeju-Island-shape birthmark on his stomach. But despite all the fail he is, GOD THAT VOICE.


Real Name:
Han Geng
Stage Name:
한경 Hankyung , 
Chinese Name:
韓庚 Han Geng
Date of Birth: February 9, 1984
Height: 181 cm
Hobbies: Chinese Traditional Ballet, ballet, computer games
Casting: H.O.T. CHINA Audition Casting 2001
First Appearance: May 2005, Fashion Show F/W general idea by Bum Suk
Trivia Fact: Hankyung is the only non-Korean Super Junior member (he is Chinese). He can understand and speak Korean well, but he pretends not to understand when other members criticize him. Sometimes he isn’t able to appear on certain Korean shows due to problems with his VISA. He used to live with Heechul and Kibum in a separate dorm from the other members. On Hello Chat he was asked what the time he felt the happiest on stage was, he answered “SBS Inkigayo’s first performance” (their official debut performance); on the same program they asked him who the scariest member of Super Junior is, and he said it is Kangin. Hankyung also said the member he is most thankful to is Siwon.
Reasons to Love Him: Hankyung is just a sweet adorable gentleman. He is extremely trusting and sometime gets taken advantage of (*cough* mostly by Heechul). He is often made fun of because of his Korean stutters and mispronunciations (okay, it’s mainly Heechul who makes fun of him). Hankyung’s Chinese traditional dancing is at its best. While some people say that he is a really good dancer as well, I only agree half-heartedly. Hankyung is the model son that every parent wants – he mails back all his income, calls them often, and talks about them all the time. Hankyung is the Chinese teacher in SJ, especially with the debut of SJ-M.

our lady hee

Real Name:
김희철 Kim Heechul
Stage Name:
희철 Heechul
Chinese Name:
希澈 Xi Che
Date of Birth: July 10, 1983
Height: 178 cm
Hobbies: writing poems, writing fairy tales, computer games, drawing comics
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2002
First Appearance: February 2005 KBS “Banolim 2

Trivia Fact: he is friends with The TRAX and used to share an apartment with Jay Kim (vocalist of The TRAX) and Lee Donghae. On The TRAX’s album Jay Kim wrote “my girlfriend, rella Heechul” in the ‘Thanks To’ part. He likes to assign Disney characters name to the other members, he calls himself “Cinderella.” He used to live with Hankyung and Kibum in a separate dorm from the other members. He received a cat from fans, and named it HanJaeHeeBum, often referred to as Heebum.
Reasons to Love Him: Heechul gives the image of a diva, a girly man diva ^^. He is known for his witty, particular personality. He chooses to wear horrible clothes; when he was younger people used to steal his clothes to wear so he just decided to start wearing clothes that no one else would. Heechul constantly makes fun of Hankyung’s Korean. He is very good at imitating famous singers, actors, and comedians. He has come to be known for his version of the Tell Me dance.


here is the leader..teuki teuki eeteuk

Real Name:
박정수 Park Jungsu
Stage Name:
이특 Leeteuk (Official) | Eeteuk (Unofficial)
Chinese Name:
李特 Li Te
Date of Birth: July 1, 1983
Height: 176 cm
Hobbies: piano, composing music, listening to music, singing, going online
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
First Appearance: 2000 MBC “All About Eve”
Jobs: Daily radio show (Sukira Kiss the Radio) cohost with Eunhyuk, MC of Love Fighter (weekly). Used to be Mnet M!Countdown MC.
Trivia Fact: Leader of Super Junior; his name change from Park Jungsu to a stage name was explained on “Happy Together Friends” – he wanted a name like Kangta, Hyesung or Junjin, thus he decided to change his name to Leeteuk (or Eeteuk), which means “special”, because he is a “special guy”. Rumours had it that Park Jungsu had a crush on Jang Nara for three years, but it was proven to be fake. He has MCed for M!Countdown with Kangin and Shindong. Said to be the member with the most interest in the opposite sex. Leeteuk got lasik (laser eye surgery), now he wears lensless glasses for fashion.
Reasons to Love Him: Even though he is the oldest, Leeteuk always has a cute image. He commonly refers to himself as “Teukie Teukie Euuteukee” or Special Special Leeteuk. On the surface, Leeteuk is constantly abused by the other members, and he never defend himself, however, he really takes care of all the members and always watch out for everyone else before thinking about himself. He is very concerned about the way he looks and very conscious of his fans’ expectations and views of him, and he always tries his hardest to meet those expectations. A lot of the time, Leeteuk will overexert himself and get sick because he’s too busy taking care of everyone else to mind his own health.

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