Sunday, March 3, 2013

with or without ? O.o

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I believe if you love someone because of a particular attribute… and when that someone no longer possess such attribute (it could happen), are you still going to love that someone? Not so much of physical attribute but character.

For example…… you meet up with a girl… she is sweet, demure and ladylike… and you love her for all that…you get married… you two have children and those lil ones drive her mad and she turned into a witch!... no longer sweet, demure and ladylike… are you going to stop loving her? Maybe… maybe not. Due to this, I believe there should not be a reason in loving someone, so as to not give you a reason to stop loving someone.

If your heart always did what a normal heart should do
If you always play a part instead of being who you really are
Then you might just miss the one who’s standing there
So instead of passing by, show him that you care
Instead of asking why, “Why me? And why you?
Why now we two?”
Love don’t need a reason
Love don’t always rhyme
And love is all we have for now

If we always believe the madness we we’re taught
Never questioning the rules, then we’re living lies
We bought so long… 

God has given each one of us a heart to love. It is through our hearts by which he comes to show love and compassion to the world. As God is generous beyond our imaginings, this gift of love is something we must extend to not to a worthy few, but to everyone regardless of our natural inclination or prejudices and reasonings to reject or exclude.  For love simply is. Love don’t need a reason, love don’t always rhyme. But what we got is heart to love

love? for me its some really complicated thing... and no, you don't need a reason to love, all you need is that emotion of wanting to have him, wanting to see him, care for him, love him, caress him in your arms and watch him smile. you want to see he happy, you want to see him in joy, and you believe that you can give him that happiness. ..

thats my true feeling for you my dear.... ;")

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