Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i'll miss you kim heechul

Kim tell everyone through fellow member Leeteuk’s radio program. Those around me, however, said that it wouldn’t be respectful to my fans and everyone else that has an interest in me, and I agreed. That’s why I revealed my enlistment decision at the company today.”

He continued, “I did briefly think about delaying it, especially since it hasn’t been that long since Super Junior’s fifth a
lbum, ‘Mr. Simple‘, was released, and also because it’s doing so well.. but I thought that it’d be better to just turn my decision into action while I was still in the mindset. I actually feel more comfortable now that it’s gone out. In the remaining time, I’ll be concluding my broadcast activities and make a visit to my hometown in Kangwondo. There are a lot of things I have to do.”

Heechul also thanked his members and fans by stating, “I’m really thankful to the Super Junior members. I’m too shy to say it directly so I texted them saying, ‘You guys need your hyung.’ I’m just so grateful for them and I trust that they’ll lead Super Junior in a great way while I’m away.”

To his fans, he said, “Thank you for loving me unconditionally over the past six years. I won’t, however, ask for you to wait for me. Instead, please support me again if you still like me when I come back with a heart of starting anew.”

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate, allkpop
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i'll wait you until you comeback..T_T
saranghae kim heechul..

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