Wednesday, August 24, 2011

kim heechul will enlist in army 1st september

The day when one of the most precious members will going to enlist in army.
The day when Kim Heechul will serve his country
Kim Heechul, one of the strongest man i’ve ever know.
It may not be physically but emotionally.
The man who looks like have a heart that is hard as stone but deep inside was a pure angel.
The man who cried because of his bestfriend
The man who doesn’t like to go to church and read bible but respect who god is.
The man who has a sharp tongue.
The man who is an english major but afraid to speak english at all.
The man that is full of witty comments
The man that make girls insecure because of his beauty
The man who always make elf laugh.
The man who is ready to fight for his friends.
The man who will stand up for what he is
The man who is full of surprises
The man who love Super Junior and ELF unconditionally
That man is Kim Heechul…
I know he said that we don’t have to wait for him
But, can you really let go this kind of man?
NO, because there’s no other Kim Heechul in this world
He is like the most beautiful flower in this world.
A truly one of a kind.
Kim Heechul, this coming 2 years will be hard for us elf especially petals.
We respect your decision as we respect you.
But we only have one thing to wish.
Please come back safe.
I’m willing to wait for 2 years, 10 years, 20 years or even 100 years.
That’s how precious you are.
I hope, after your service, we will see you again in stage shining brightly as a star.
We will wait for your comeback.
Because without you, the flowers will not bloom.
Good luck and please be safe Mr. Kim Heechul.
*Reposted Cr : PHELF "Zaj"

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